Forged in NYC

Rooted in Charleston, SC

What we do

User Experience Design

Behavioral Engineering

UI Prototyping & Development

Market Research

Go to Market Strategy

Communications Strategy

Branding & Identity


We are exceptional at producing engaging and attractive applications without sacrificing usability.


The world is yearning for more products and services that understand and empower the end-user. We’re passionate about integrating behavioral science and design to enable us to move beyond prescriptive interaction patterns to active, creative empowerment.


We incorporating the brand aesthetic, product vision, mission, and position into an overall “look and feel”.

How an app or website “feels” is critical to the success of the product.


We’re big on process. It’s what has enabled us to consistently provide successful outcomes on time and within budget for over 20 years. We’re hired primarily on referrals from client champions who’ve enjoyed working with us and were impressed by the quality of our work. Ask around…you’ll see.


Our founding principles of honesty, candor, and quality enable us to continue fostering long-term relationships where our transparency and accessibility have spurred steady company growth and high client retention. As individuals, we will continue challenging ourselves—knowing our best work is always our next work.


Intellectual Alchemy has prospered from our commitment to the following principles known as the “IA Way”. The IA Way is applied internally and externally with passion and commitment.


The primary value, without which the subsequent organizational values are unattainable.


For ourselves, our colleagues, our partners, and our clients. We respect each other’s abilities, opinions, personal goals, beliefs, and right to be heard.

Built upon our honesty and respect, we trust each other—forming a team that knows we can count on each other to speak plainly and openly and to deliver on our tasks.

Our trust in each other makes candor possible. Open communication prevents silos from forming, allows us to speak our frustrations without fear of reprisal, and allows us to reward our colleagues with praise.

Buy In
We believe that buy-in from each level of our organization is achievable and sustainable. With buy-in, we can count on everyone to put out great work not simply for money, but to achieve excellence and to see IA succeed.
IA is known for its attention to detail and quality. We each strive to produce the best possible outcome for each task attempted and together we continue to exceed the expectations of our clients.
We believe in holding each other accountable as a positive reinforcement to reach objectives. Accountability is not synonymous with admonishment, but is the basis for our “Show Don’t Tell” policy. We expect our people to be “doers” and not “sayers”.
IA management and employees must remain accessible to each other and our clients to improve trust, communication, and productivity.
Transparency is the anchor for our organization. Honesty and fair practice are intrinsic to IA. Internally and externally, we promote a climate of transparent, “above board” business practices and invite our people, clients, and partners to ask all questions needed to feel comfortable working for or doing business with IA.
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